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Payment Policy

We would like to thank you for choosing Ocean Sleep Medicine as your healthcare provider. We are committed to providing excellence in care and service, one patient at a time. The following information outlines your financial responsibilities related to payment for professional services.


Please bring your insurance card with you at time of service. We participate with most major health plans. We have contracts with many insurance companies and government agencies including Medicare and MediCal. Our office will file claims for most services rendered to a patient and will assist you in any reasonable way to help get your claims paid. It is the patient's responsibility to provide all necessary information before leaving the office. If you have a secondary insurance, we will file a claim with them as soon as the primary carrier has paid.


You are responsible for all co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles at the time of service. The contracts that we have with insurance companies do not allow us to waive or write off your co-insurance amounts; we are required to collect such amounts at the time of service. We bill participating insurance companies as a courtesy to you. If we have not received payment from your insurance company within 60 days of the date of service, you may be expected to pay the balance in full. You are responsible for charges not processed by your insurance carrier.


In the event that you have an unpaid balance from your insurance company, you will receive a statement from our office clearly identifying insurance payments and your balance due. Payment in full is expected when you receive your statement.


No Insurance (Self Insured)

Payment is required at the time services are rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance.



It is policy of Ocean Sleep Medicine to refund any credit considered overage and belonging to the patient. The overpayment shall be returned to the patient no later than 10 business days after it is identified. If the patient overpaid using an HSA/ FSA debit card, the credit may be refunded back to the card when specified by the patient.


Return Check Fees

A $25 insufficient funds fee will be added to your account for any returned check. Please note this charge is in addition to fees associated with your banking institution.

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