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Behavior & Development


Our team evaluates and coordinates care for:



Learning disabilities

Down syndrome

Cerebral palsy

Fragile X syndrome

Developmental delay

Intellectual disability

Other challenges to mental, social, emotional, or academic development

Years of Experience Behind Our Approach

Dr. Gary Feldman's 16 years as the Medical Director of the Stramski Children's Developmental Center have equipped him with a unique level of expertise working with children dealing with behavioral and neurodevelopmental conditions. We know that challenges in a child's development can be extremely stressful on the entire family, which is why we are dedicated to coming up with long-term solutions that can improve quality of life for everyone.

Clinical Evaluation

Prior to the child's first visit, parents and those involved in the child's daily life will be given a pre-evaluation that asks various questions about the child’s activity and behavior. This information gives Dr. Feldman a clearer understanding of the child's background and allow them to make the most accurate diagnosis. Throughout the child's first visit and the course of his or her treatment, we work closely with the family and conducts the most up-to-date standardized tests and assesments to ensure growth and development goals are achieved.

Assessment to Support Growth

Dr. Feldman utilizes special techniques that are play-based to help a behaviorally or developmentally delayed child learn how to sharpen motor skills, focus, create neurological stimulus and even something as basic as how to smile. Our team will complete an assessment and refer each patient to appropriate centers. We provide medicine management, case management, and medical advice where appropriate and applicable. 

Continued Follow-Up Care

Routine appointments are made with the child as needed to encourage continued growth and development and to track progress. The number of visits a child needs per year are based upon the child’s diagnosis and condition.

Book An Appointment

To make an appointment for a behavior and development consultation, call us at (949) 446-8990, or click below out an appointment request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About the Doctor



Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician

With over 16 years of experience, Dr. Gary Feldman founded Ocean Medicine after developing a longstanding reputation for excellence in pediatric sleep and behavior medicine as the Medical Director of the Stramski Children's Developmental Center at Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach since 2004. He was named 2010 Physician of the Year by Miller Children's and Women's Hospital Long Beach, and has been named a Southern California Super Doctor since 2014. He has received numerous other awards acknowledging his distinctions in behavioral pediatrics and sleep medicine, and is a sought-after speaker on these topics as well as international adoption medine.

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